The whiteboard design challenge is a vital aspect of the UX interview process but it can also be the most intimidating! I've helped designers through the interview process at Spotify, Facebook, Soundcloud & Edmunds. Let me share my tips with you!

  • What is a whiteboard challenge?

  • Whiteboard challenge structure you can easily follow

  • How to avoid common mistakes

  • How to best prepare for a whiteboard challenge

  • What interviewers evaluate during the challenge

  • Watch me facilitate a workshop

Course curriculum

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    • Video

    • Workshop Deck

    • Evaluator Guide & Sample Promots

What Participants Said


"I’ve been selected for a final interview so feeling really positive that I’ll get an offer, and confident that I nailed the whiteboard interview (they were impressed enough to invite me back, right?). Thank you for all the knowledge you’ve shared!! It’s been so helpful to incorporate through this interview process."


"I really enjoyed your whiteboard challenge class and even connected with the guy I got paired with who ended up referring me within his company and I have another interview screening next week!"


"Your workshop was amazing! Thanks a lot for hosting it! I'm going through final rounds of interviews right now, and it's exactly what I needed. It gave me, structure, clarity and confidence."